Volvo unveils 5G move


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Automakers have begun to make the breakthrough for innovations related to 5G technology. The company had been sold to Chinese firm Geely in recent years. Volvo announced the 5G move.


The company announced that it had been working on 5G technology for some time and agreed with China Unicom on this issue. Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) will provide drivers with a more comfortable and safe driving experience, officials said, adding that they will achieve this with fast and low-latency internet technology.

The companies have not yet made a detailed statement on the partnership. The system will basically detect infrastructure work or any traffic jams, allowing the vehicle to change its speed and route. The system will also help the driver find parking by using cameras.

Volvo to protect drivers thanks to 5G move
The company will combine 5G technology with the SPA2 architecture developed using Nvidia DRIVE AGX Xavier cards, and plans to launch the Volvo XC90 in 2021. This feature is expected to be activated later for the S90, XC40 and XC60 models.

This partnership is of great importance to the Chinese market as Volvo has been sold to Geely, a company of Chinese origin, in recent years. The vehicles are also expected to be available in the US and Europe shortly after launch.