Tesla Cybertruck windows became t-shirts! Price here


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Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who took to the stage at an event the company held in California in November, unveiled the new vehicle, called Cybertruck. The breaking of the vehicle's window during the introduction of Tesla Cybertruck was the main topic of the agenda.

Tesla Cybertruck windows were made into T-shirts and poured into the trade. Of course, we would like to point out that these T-shirts are not made of real glass.

The vehicle, which is said to be resistant to bumps and lead, passed a number of tests during launch. It was stated that the glass was made of special special armor and therefore bulletproof.

Tesla's design chief, Franz von Holzhausen, first hit the car's door with a sledgehammer, leaving no sign of it on the door. He then hurled an iron cannon at Cybertruck's window. It was unexpected for Tesla and the glass, called Unbreakable, was broken. The same ball was thrown into the back window and the same situation happened.

The broken windows of the Tesla Cybertruck made a big noise, Elon Musk, explaining what happened, had argued before the test that an endurance test with a sledgehammer might have cracked the windows. The T-shirt with the design for cybertruck's broken windows is on sale.

The price of the T-shirt, which went on sale through Tesla's internet store, is $ 45, meaning about 265 pounds. Musk dropped the “bulletproof” note for the T-shirt, which he shared on his social media account.

The starting price of the vehicle, which has three different ranges, is $ 39900. The higher versions are priced at $ 49,900 and $ 69,900. The Tesla Cybertruck is expected to be on the roads in 2022.

$ 39900-start: with a range of 400 km and a towing capacity of 7.5 tons. Reaching speeds from 0 to 100 km in about 6.5 seconds, the car is rear-wheel drive and has a single engine.

$ 49900-medium: 480 km range, 10 ton towing capacity. It reaches speeds from 0 to 100 km in about 4.5 seconds. It is twin-engined and all-wheel drive.

$ 69900-most advanced model: 800 km range, 14 tons towing capacity. It reaches speeds from 0 to 100 km in about 2.9 seconds. Three-engine and all-wheel drive. (Production of this model will not begin until the end of 2020).