Nokia will be back with the new phone!


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Nokia is poised to enter the old playing field in another way. As you know, we haven't seen significant moves from Nokia in a while. However, the Nokia 400 is a 4G-key Android phone that seems to attract attention. Nokia, the dominant of the phone market for a period, has not been among us for nearly two years. But it seems to be returning with Android One and solid features.

After Nokia switched to HMD Global, work began to be done on different feature phones. As a result of these studies, we have seen the transition from a 2G EDGE connection to an advanced 4G in the first place. Following these developments, Nokia is reborn from the ashes and is preparing to launch a new Android-enabled phone called the Nokia 400 4G.
Breaths have been held for MWC 2020, which will be held in Barcelona, while Nokia is expected to introduce the phone in question. However, if it is not introduced here, it will surely appear at the Google I/O 2020 conference scheduled for May.

Nokia 400 4G tuslu android phone
It is also expected to be powered by a hardware 4G connection, as well as Google'S gafp OS, a software designed specifically for some phones. The smartphone appears to have the model number TA-1208. Besides the Bluetooth certificate, it will also have Wi-Fi thanks to the UNISOC processor and the sc234x component.

The extra highlight is that the phone in question will run Google's GAFP operating system. Because it is very important to carry the feature of being the first key smartphone with this feature. A short video of the phone also appeared. In July 2019, 9t05Google caused a similar stir when it shared the visual of the first phone to run Android. For those who want to see the video of the highly anticipated phone, we leave it below.