More than 300 brands ' ads on YouTube appeared to be featured on inappropriate channels


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YouTube's advertising problem continues, after it emerged last January that its ads were crypto-mining. Many inappropriate channels available on YouTube continue to generate revenue from advertising.

A new allegation was thrown out by CNN's investigation. Ads from more than 300 major brands including Adidas, Amazon, Hershey, Netflix, Under Armour, 20th Century Fox movie have appeared on channels supporting Nazis, North Korean propaganda, paedophiles.
Examples given by CNN showed that a channel advocating paedophilia could feature ads for children's toys, while videos of Neo Nazi channels could include ads for the Friends of Zion Museum. When we look at the examples, "Health Control Center", "Customs and Border Patrol" and "Transportation Ministry" ads, which are described as "government ads," can find their own place in North Korean propaganda videos.

YouTube had been boycotted by advertisers
YouTube, which is constantly having problems with its advertising policies, had previously been boycotted for these reasons. Advertisers for the platform, which has been criticized many times for containing violent videos aimed at children, have announced that they will not advertise to Google and YouTube until this issue is resolved. Similar incidents are happening again, and again major companies are suspending their advertising on YouTube. As a result, YouTube channels that had nothing to do with the incident are being flagged as "Inappropriate" by the algorithm and they are losing their revenue.

Along with all this, some brands are also working with YouTube to slowly get back on the platform. But it is possible to say that the repetition of such events has hurt not only YouTube, but content producers and viewers as well.