Many videos featuring academic article ads have been removed from YouTube


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Hundreds of YouTube channels have removed their videos from the platform following a BBC investigation into widespread promotion of the article service for students and causing students to cheat on the school.

Last week, the BBC published an investigation that found that more than 250 YouTube channels supported a Ukrainian company called EduBirdie, which sold essays to desperate students.

Hundreds of YouTube channels have run ads telling their viewers it's an "easy and cheap way to pass their classes." Those videos have been viewed more than 700 million times, according to the BBC.


Following the BBC's investigation, YouTube stated that these videos that did not comply with its advertising policies would be identified and removed. Although it is not illegal to sell articles, YouTube is required to pay channel owners for these ads. In addition, although sites where articles are purchased are legal, the results of using these articles directly for assignments can lead to expulsion from the country for foreign students. The videos in question also violate the "academic aids" part of YouTube's content policies.

When we look at the examples, we can see that YouTube still needs to take various measures in terms of advertising. As the situation continues, problems remain for both users and video uploaders.