iPhone 11 Pro is on sale with Tesla Cybertruck design!


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Apple and Tesla, which are among the world's most popular companies, have teamed up in a phone case. Caviar made its name with the luxury cases, the iPhone 11 Pro and Tesla cybertruck model combined. The Caviar Cyberphone design came out.


Tesla's pick-up model was much talked about by its design when Cybertruck was introduced. Caviar also introduced the iPhone 11 Pro with the Tesla Cybertruck model. The Caviar Cyberphone is notable for its design details.

The Cyberphone, which goes on sale on the Website, is currently on sale for the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max models. A similar line to Cybertruck's design stands out on the back of the phone. The ledge at the back is also used as a stand.

Caviar describes the new model as:

"Thanks to its titanium housing, the phone has metal plate details on its sides and screen, which are resistant to external impacts. Which makes the hull perfectly safe. The detail on the back can turn into a practical stand when the video is wanted. The phone's body design was inspired by the geometry of the Tesla Cybertruck. In addition, aesthetic improvements were also made”

Normally, Caviar also publishes the prices of the models it develops. However, this time the site has the phrase ‘contact us’. Only 99 of these models produced the price tag is currently unknown.

Gold and diamond details striking iPhone models for Caviar up to 100 thousand dollars, let's say that the price. Of course, the lack of gold or diamond details on Cyberphone may have lowered the price of the phone a bit.