Important warning about Google AdSense ads


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Google today sent an important email to its users who have an AdSense account. What changes have been underlined in the email, which describes improvements and innovations to be made in Google Adsense?
The informational message from Google to those with AdSense accounts is as follows::

We are investing heavily to understand the best ways to increase users ' interest in ads and how our ads are performing. As a result, our formats are constantly updated and improved. You may have noticed that these new types of ads are showing on your sites.

We are committed to continuing investment to modernize our advertising products. As a result, we are making some significant changes to some of the AdSense features that you have previously used or configured. Your Ads tab will be updated in the coming weeks to reflect the following changes::

Ad sizes

We facilitated the creation and management of advertising units. All ad units will be created sensitively by default to accommodate different screen sizes on mobile devices and on the desktop, for greater performance and flexibility. If you need more customization, you'll be able to continue creating custom-sized ad units.

Types of ads

By switching to richer ad formats to further improve the user experience and fully reflect the ad pool we have in the marketplace, we are decommissioning text-only or display-only units. As a result, the "text ads only" and "display ads only" ad units in your account are now called "Display Ads" and will be updated to run all types of ads from the beginning of 2019.

Text advertising styles

"Text and display ads" we are removing text ad styles for ad units. You will no longer be able to create ad styles for your new ad units. Your new ad units will have a Google-optimized text ad style. While this feature is deprecated, your existing ad styles will also be optimized by Google in the coming months. You can use local ads on your site for customization and an improved user experience.

Simplifying the" if there are no ads " option

We are constantly working to improve the quality and security of our ad network, as well as to reduce the number of malicious ads entering the AdSense network. As a result, we remove the" No Ads " option. Instead of this option, ad space will be narrowed or a blank space will be displayed by default. If your current setting is a color or other URL, this setting will be updated soon and its publication will be stopped.

As a result of the above changes, we also remove old ad unit setting attempts. All active advertising unit trials will be halted in the coming weeks. Accordingly, the trial report on the reports tab is also removed. You can still access aggregate metrics for trial types that have not been removed from the trial information page.

Concurrent code

The option to change your ad code type simultaneously in your AdSense account will no longer be available. If you need a concurrent ad code, you can manually update your ad code using this guide.