Google handed out awards! The full $ 6.5 million


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One of the most important problems today is digital security. Many companies are trying to prevent this problem by creating reward programs. Recently, one of the companies handing out awards is Google, although we see Apple more often in the news on digital security. In 2019, the firm demonstrated its importance to digital security by reporting that it was handing out a $ 6.5 million reward. Google is in the spotlight with awards news.


Google is offering a reward for this information to researchers who find and report errors in its services. A $ 6.5 million reward has been handed out for errors and deficits over the course of 2019, the firm said today. The system, called vulnerability reward programs, handed out the highest amount of rewards in its history last year.

In 2018, the firm handed out $ 3.4 million in prizes, almost double that figure in 2019. The increase in errors and deficits found is not the only reason for this increase. At the same time, the firm increased the amount of rewards awarded for errors and deficits found.

The firm increased the reward amount for basic errors from $ 5 thousand to $ 15 thousand, while the reward for high-quality handouts from $ 15 thousand to $ 30 thousand. The high numbers also increased the amount of the prize being distributed.

The firm handed out $ 2.1 million in Google rewards, $ 1.9 million for deficits found on Android, $ 1 million for bugs found on Chrome and $ 800k for Google Play programs. In addition, Google donated $ 507k to charities.

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