Foldable phone coming from Nokia


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Following its sale to HMD Global, Nokia continues to increase its work on current technologies every day. Now some claims have emerged that Nokia is working on a foldable phone. According to these claims, Nokia will be one of the companies participating in this adventure with the foldable phone model.


After Samsung, Huawei and Motorola came across the foldable smartphone model, many smartphone makers began to work in this area. One of them will be Nokia, if the information revealed is correct. Nokia's foldable smartphone will have a different design, according to information from a publishing platform that produces content on Nokia.

There is also some information on when the phone will be introduced. According to this information, Nokia will launch its first foldable smartphone model in the early months of 2021.

Of course, until then, Nokia will continue its work at the latest speed. Mobile World Congress will take place in the coming days with more than one device will appear.