A game Hotel will be built! We have the first address.


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Atari is preparing to make its name with its new project. Together with the Atari hotel project, the company will give its guests a different experience. The firm announced that it had contracted a design firm for the job. Atari was founded in the United States in 1972 and had become one of the world's most beloved gaming companies. He has written his name among the popular brands in our country.

Atari breaks its long-lasting silence. The game company, founded in the USA and widely loved all over the world, will attract players with its new project. The company, which is trying to attract Atari players with its hotel concept, will open its first location in Phoenix, USA. With its new project, Atari aims to make its games more popular.

The famous gaming company, which is going to a different design than usual, will be waiting for its customers with a chain of hotels focused on the game. Atari also thinks that along with hotels, players will come together and contribute to the game world.

The hotel will not only include Atari games. Other platform games and especially virtual reality (VR) games will also be at the service of hotel customers. Some hotels are also targeted to host e-sports tournaments.

Atari CEO Fred Chesnais said in a statement, “We are building more today, rather than just making accommodation. Atari has become a symbolized global brand. People of all nationalities, all ages, all cultures and all ethnic backgrounds loved this brand as well. We look forward to the new hotel concept that will make our fans and their families happy.” quoth.

The company also announced that the design of the game Hotel will be done by Ninja Turtles producer company, GSD Group and film producer Napoleon Smith III.
Investments in the emerging gaming market continue in recent years. However, such a project had not been implemented before. The project, which will enable players to be more together, will come to life with the work of the game Hotel.

At the same time, Atari plans to put its new retro-themed console on sale. The console, dubbed” the Atari VCS, " will go on sale in March and its price will be $ 249. With the console installed, 100 classic games will meet the players.