A Bitcoin Era In Tax Payments Kicks Off In One More City In Switzerland


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The municipal government of Switzerland's 600-population city of Zermatt has launched a period of Bitcoin in tax payments. The new payment option will be available through crypto financial services company Bitcoin Suisse, according to the announcement on January 29.

City residents will be able to pay their taxes with Bitcoin from the outlet of Bitcoin Suisse, which is set up at Zermatt City Hall. For online payments, they will need to contact the Zermatt Tax Office for a crypto payment solution. Taxes paid with Bitcoin will be converted into Swiss francs by Bitcoin Suisse and transferred to the municipality's bank account.


“The innovative, pioneering spirit is one of Zermatt's trademarks, so we are happy to support city residents in providing the solutions they need, " Zermatt Mayor Romy Biner-Hauser said in a statement.” quoth.

In 2016, the Bitcoin period began in tax payments through Bitcoin Suisse in Zug, Switzerland, and in 2017, Bitcoin was accepted in tax payments of up to 250 Swiss francs in Chiasso.