2020 Seat Leon threw the veil! Here are the features


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Seat's highly anticipated and recently leaked photos of the car Leon, the new form of the show appeared. The C segment will compete in the hand of the car is quite strong. Both the hatchback and station wagon versions of the Leon were introduced in the organized promotion. The 2020 Seat Leon engine options along with the 2020 Seat Leon features were thus clarified. The new Leon is notable for its changing lines and the technologies it has.

Seat under the wings of the Volkswagen Group, 4. the generation eventually introduced the Leon model. The car, whose design has been completely revamped, wants to take advantage of its competitors in this state. The car, 4,368 millimetres long, 1,800 millimetres wide and 1,456 millimetres high, is 86 millimetres longer than its previous generation. It is also 3 millimeters lower and 16 millimeters narrower. The Leon comes with a wheelbase of 2,686 millimeters. That's 50 millimetres higher than the previous generation.

When we look at the details about the 2020 Seat Leon features, we see that it now has much sharper lines. Similar to seat's concept car, the Formentor, introduced last year, the Leon's changing design lines have reduced wind resistance by 8 percent. In other words, the design has made significant contributions to the car both in terms of elegance and in terms of efficiency.

When we look at the design details, the innovations in the back draw attention. The rear of the Leon now uses a taillight that runs along the tailgate.

One of the features that remains the same as the previous generation is in the trunk. The new Leon again comes with a 380-litre trunk volume.

Finally, it was announced that the fully LED front and rear lights were included on the car's option list. These headlights also contain dynamic signals.

Now let's get to cabinet and Cabinet technologies.

The new Leon, like many cars in recent years, is focused on connectivity. The 10-inch infotainment screen is accompanied by a 10.25-inch digital instrument panel. Of course, that goes for the top hardware. At lower hardware levels, the infotainment screen goes down to 8.25 inches.

The New Leon, which comes with a full-Link multimedia system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, also features wireless charging.

Details on the 2020 Seat Leon specifications show that the cab lines are similar to other models in the VW Group.

2020 Seat Leon engine options
The 2020 Seat Leon engine options were also announced along with the introduction. The engine options in the car are listed as follows:;

3-cylinder 1.0 TSI petrol engine producing 90 horsepower and 110 horsepower,
1.5-litre TSI petrol engine producing 130 horsepower and 150 horsepower,
2.0 TSI petrol engine producing 190 horsepower,
2.0 TDI diesel engine producing 115 horsepower and 150 horsepower.

Of the engines here, the 2.0 TSI version is only combined with an automatic transmission.

The new Leon hybrid will also have options, according to a statement by Seat. The 1.0 TSI and 1.5 TSI engines will be combined with the electric motor. Hybrid models will also come with DSG transmission only.

Finally, Leon will also have the option of TGI, which uses compressed natural gas as fuel in certain markets. This version will also use a 1.5 TSI engine producing 130 horsepower.

The family's new model will go on sale in Europe in the second quarter of the year. Athlete Leon Cupra will be introduced in the following months.