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    First in the world: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G introduced!

    While phones with 5G support have long been on the market, a tablet that supports this technology has not yet been on the market. However, this situation has ended with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G, which we shared with you before. Samsung's new flagship tablet was introduced after a long wait...
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    NVIDIA Ampere rival Navi graphics cards approved

    Last year, 7 nm production line of the RX 5700 and 5700 XT graphics cards released AMD, preparing to introduce the new graphics cards. The new series, which will go through the 7 nm+ manufacturing process, will also host hardware-assisted beam tracking technology. Along with the new series, a...
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    Google handed out awards! The full $ 6.5 million

    One of the most important problems today is digital security. Many companies are trying to prevent this problem by creating reward programs. Recently, one of the companies handing out awards is Google, although we see Apple more often in the news on digital security. In 2019, the firm...
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    Many videos featuring academic article ads have been removed from YouTube

    Hundreds of YouTube channels have removed their videos from the platform following a BBC investigation into widespread promotion of the article service for students and causing students to cheat on the school. Last week, the BBC published an investigation that found that more than 250 YouTube...
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    YouTube Red is being replaced by YouTube Premium and YouTube Music service

    YouTube, the world's most popular video-sharing platform, has come across its Spotify rival, the premium music app. YouTube will begin offering two different services by replacing its Premium service, YouTube Red, offering music app as well as original video content and replacing YouTube Red...
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    More than 300 brands ' ads on YouTube appeared to be featured on inappropriate channels

    YouTube's advertising problem continues, after it emerged last January that its ads were crypto-mining. Many inappropriate channels available on YouTube continue to generate revenue from advertising. A new allegation was thrown out by CNN's investigation. Ads from more than 300 major brands...