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    5 tips to help you have a quick WordPress site

    How long do you think a visitor will wait when he / she writes the address of your website and tries to see your site? Here are 5 tips for a quick WordPress site! So you really have very little time to show users your content and convince them to stay on your website. According to Google, this...
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    Hundreds Of WordPress Sites Have Been Hacked!

    A new study has revealed that more than 2,000 WordPress sites have been hacked and redirected to fake sites. According to Sucuri, the security firm that first discovered the hacking attempt, the attack used vulnerabilities in the CP Contact Form with PayPal and Simple Fields plugins. The...
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    Vulnerability in 3 Wordpress plugins installed on 400 thousand sites

    Wordpress, a personal publishing system written using PHP and MySQL and published in 2003, is used by millions of websites because it is free. Users can easily make various edits thanks to the plug-ins provided by WordPress. However, these add-ons can lead to dangerous consequences from time to...
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    Important warning about Google AdSense ads

    Google today sent an important email to its users who have an AdSense account. What changes have been underlined in the email, which describes improvements and innovations to be made in Google Adsense? The informational message from Google to those with AdSense accounts is as follows:: We are...
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    Google Adsense is refreshing! What's going to change?

    It was noted that significant changes were made to automatic ads in the email from Google to users with an Adsense account. Here's that email from Google and the changes to be made... Here's that email from Google: "We have developed a new version of automatic ads. With this release, you'll be...
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    Advertising Service: What Is Google Adsense ? How To Make Money ?

    Adsense publishers were informed in an email today that AdSense will be making its web interface more mobile in the coming months. Product manager Andrew Gildfind we will focus our investment on the AdSense mobile web interface and bring existing iOS and Android apps to light. By investing in a...