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    OnePlus Concept One goes on World Tour

    OnePlus announced the concept phone at the CES 2020 show. The model, named OnePlus Concept One, will go on a world tour for publicity. The OnePlus Concept One features, which will meet users in 10 selected cities, had also been announced at CES 2020. Chinese phone maker OnePlus is continuing...
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    Nokia will be back with the new phone!

    Nokia is poised to enter the old playing field in another way. As you know, we haven't seen significant moves from Nokia in a while. However, the Nokia 400 is a 4G-key Android phone that seems to attract attention. Nokia, the dominant of the phone market for a period, has not been among us for...
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    Apple made $ 1 billion a day!

    December October, the second fiscal quarter begins each year, continues until the end of December. Following the second fiscal quarter ending last month, Apple announced its data for this quarter. According to the official statement, the company increased its revenues by 9 percent compared to...
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    World Health Organization Emergency Committee Convenes For Corona Virus

    The World Health Organization has announced that an emergency committee will convene for the corona virus, which has emerged in China and is seen mainly in peripheral countries such as Australia, Canada, the United States, France and Germany. In China, the most populous country in the world, and...
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    Sought Answer Found: Scientists Discover How Life Formed

    The question of how life on Earth came about now has an answer. According to scientists, life begins when the first protein structure molecules stabilize membrane surfaces. Life on Earth began about 4 billion years ago, in a volcanic soup rich in carbon and filled with mineral building blocks...
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    Cities With Busiest Traffic In The World Announced

    The cities with the busiest traffic in the world have become obvious. Istanbul, home to 16 million people, ranked ninth on the list. In the survey of 416 cities in 57 countries, Ankara ranks 100th, Izmir 134th and Bursa 208th. TomTom, Europe's largest navigation systems firm, has announced the...